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Combine BillRight Software Services with a computer support contract for a worry free, high-tech medical office environment.

Most medical offices select BillRight’s full-service medical billing and coding to optimize small office resources.  Other healthcare facilities require an onsite solution.  BillRight is right there, too, providing customized medical software solutions.

BillRight offers a state-of-the-art medical software package for medical office clients who choose to maintain medical billing services in their offices.

Launched on a secure BillRight server, the software program is updated and maintain by BillRight.  Yet, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and upgrading stand-alone practice management software, the medical office management enjoys full benefits—and then some.  The BillRight software program is accessible from any location – office receptionists who maintain the database to practitioners on the run.

In addition, the BillRight customized medical billing and coding software solution offers medical office clients flexible staffing arrangements during personnel changes and vacations.  When requested, BillRight’s fully trained medical office personnel are available to maintain important records off-site.

The BillRight medical software services facilitate office management by:

  1. Lowering software costs
  2. Reducing computer requirements and costs
  3. Continually updating Practice Management software
  4. Submitting electronic claims
  5. Reducing staffing concerns

As BillRight specializes in the medical office environment, we provide a comprehensive suite of computer services tailored to any office.  We offer comprehensive computer services with software packages and medical hardware solutions.  Our medical IT computer support services range from medical office billing and electronic medical records software to medical hardware support and IT services for networking within offices and regional facilities.

Combine BillRight Software Services with a computer support contract for a worry free, high-tech medical office environment.

BillRight also offers the following management services a la carte for medical practices:  EHR Implementation, Medical Billing, claims Resolution A/R Follow-up, Claim Appeals for Additional Payment, Clearing House Management, Electronic Deposit Management, Patient Billing/Patient Call Center, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Computer Network Assistance, Hosting of Medical Record Technology, PQRI Reporting, and Medical IT Staffing.

For more information, contact the computer services experts at BillRight today at 303.805.7686.  Our offices are located at 9898 Rosemont Avenue, Suite 101, Lone Tree, CO 80124.