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Our trained eagle eye will help you save staff time, energy, and money.

BillRight offers additional Medical Practice Consulting Services.  A number of established medical offices request consultations with the experts at BillRight Practice Management to glean important information about their way of doing things and to find a better way to compete in the 21st century.

Some of querying medical offices request insight into their practices and medical computer services – more than management of medical billing services or electronic medical records.  They need our trained eagle eye to determine how to save staff time, energy, and money.  If your medical office has not able to improve revenues, schedule a business evaluation with BillRight Practice Consultants.

BillRight has over 20 years of experience managing medical offices and healthcare offices across the Rocky Mountain Front Range region.  We have helped countless medical facilities streamline their practices and adapt to the electronic age.

  • Find out whether our BillRight Simple Solution or BillRight Full Service Solution programs or a custom solution could benefit not only the bottom line but the accuracy and effectiveness of the doctors and medical staff employed in your center.
  • Find out whether your medical office would be better off outsourcing the administrative aspects of the medical practice.
  • Find out ways to move your administrative systems into sync with the modern medical industry.

Our network of consultants work together to provide the best counsel for important functions in the medical business environment, including:

  1. Credentialing: We will guide new medical practices through the legal processes to become credentialed.
  2. Reimbursement Analysis: We check your systems to discover redundancies, inaccuracies and suggest better medical office systems.
  3. Practice Setup: We offer straightforward, step-by-step models for medical business setup.
  4. Telecommunications Consulting: We help adapt your phone communications and Internet communications to streamline interoffice and intersystem communications.
  5. Computer Consulting: We recommend the best medical hardware, software, and onsite or off-site solutions for your particular office.

BillRight Practice Management is located at 9898 Rosemont Avenue, Suite 101, Lone Tree, CO 80124.  For more information, call BillRight today at 303.805.7686.