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Top-quality technical expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring highly skilled professionals.

BillRight Medical Practitioner Management Services take care of the business end of the medical office and practice.  Our Practice Management experts free up doctors and health practitioners to concentrate on achieving healthcare goals.  Our goal is to improve medical billing and electronic medical record office efficiency and reimbursement.

Our BillRight professionals are able to provide medical offices with access to top-quality technical expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring highly skilled professionals, full time or part time.  When BillRight medical practice consultants manage a medical office, we do the work and the client accesses it all.

Here’s an example of how it may work for a new dermatologist entering the medical field.  Our experienced BillRight management consultants guide the physician through credentialing, medical office set up, and systems management.  Our practice managers gather information from the physician.  We use medical technology such as dermatology billing services, dermatology electronic medical records with MicroMD and medical hardware support.  Essentially, the dermatologist need only hire a nurse/receptionist, decide the hours of operation, and he/she is open for business.

Founded on decades of experience in the field of medical office billing and administration, BillRight professionals today are able to provide medical offices and healthcare providers with a comprehensive selection of integral Medical Practice Management Services.

Among other important functions, we are set up to assist medical offices with the following administrative tasks:

  • IT Consulting: We’ve gathered excellent IT computer services staff who support our medical technology, computer software, and medical hardware networks.
  • Accounting: BillRight provides complete office accounting services, tracking expenses and income, providing reports.
  • Payroll: BillRight processes salaries and benefits for the medical office environment.
  • Banking: BillRight processes deposits, pays bills, and reconciles bank accounts.
  • Mailings: BillRight assists with mailing lists and marketing mailings.
  • Scheduling: BillRight schedules appointments, reminders, and follow up.
  • Product Inventory: BillRight monitors product inventory, ordering, yearend reconciliation.
  • A/R Management: BillRight stays on top of bill collection duties.
  • Credentialing: BillRight guides clients through a hassle-free credentialing process.

BillRight Practice Management is located at 9898 Rosemont Avenue, Suite 101, Lone Tree, CO 80124.  Contact BillRight today at 303.805.7686 for more information about how services may help you.

BillRight offers regional medical practices a host of management services either custom designed or a la carte, including EHR Implementation, Medical Billing, Claims Resolution A/R Follow-up, Claim Appeals for Additional Payment, Clearing House Management, Electronic Deposit Management, Patient Billing/Patient Call Center; Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Computer Network Assistance, Hosting of Medical Record Technology, PQRI Reporting, and Medical IT Staffing.