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Transforming Practices

Electronic Medical Records

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Practice Management

BillRight Medical Practitioner Management Services take care of the business end of the medical office and practice.  Our Practice Management experts free up doctors and health practitioners to concentrate on achieving healthcare goals.  Our goal is to improve medical billing and electronic medical record office efficiency and reimbursement.

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Practice Consulting

BillRight offers additional Medical Practice Consulting Services.  BillRight has over 20 years of experience managing medical offices and healthcare offices. across the Rocky Mountain Front Range region.

BillRight has over 20 years of experience managing medical offices and healthcare offices across the Rocky Mountain Front Range region.  We have helped countless medical facilities streamline their practices and adapt to the electronic age.

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Computer Services

The fine IT support group at BillRight Practice Management enables BillRight to offer customized technical andmedical IT services for medical offices and healthcare facilities.  In the electronic age, the highly skilled consultants and expert computer technicians at BillRight are indispensible for helping your medical offices to improve their medical business practices.

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Medical Software

BillRight offers a state-of-the-art medical software package for medical office clients who choose to maintain medical billing services in their offices. We provide a comprehensive suite of computer services.

BillRight offers three excellent medical office billing solutions custom fit to the needs of each medical office so health care providers are able to focus on the practice of healthcare.

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